Boys Dance Free - Twirl
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Boys Dance Free

Scholarship Program

With males comprising 25% of student enrollment, Twirl has quickly become the leading dance studio for boys in Newtown Square, Delaware County, and Chester County.

When I was a boy I thought that dance might be something cool to do, but I would never set foot in a dance class because I was afraid of what other people might think. That fear kept me from studying dance until I was 19 years old (three years after I was hired as a parade dancer at Walt Disney World). My very first dance class was beginning ballet and I hid my dance shoes under my bed so my roommate wouldn’t know. Dance quickly became a passion and eventually a rewarding career.


I can’t take away everything that prevents a boy from taking dance class, but I can remove one small barrier. That’s why the Boys Dance Free Scholarship Program was created. It’s pretty simple. Any boy of any age can enroll in one class for a year for free if space is available. This is my way of encouraging the next generation of guys, who might be interested in this really cool and athletic art form, to forget about what other people might think. . . and dance. 


To receive the scholarship, register for classes labeled “Boys Dance Free” on the registration page.  If the class title is in red, all scholarships have already been claimed for that class.


  • Free tuition is limited to one weekly class per male student per school year.
  • Space is limited to two “Boys Dance Free” scholarships for each dance class time slot.
  • Only one “Boys Dance Free” scholarship will be awarded per family.
  • “Boys Dance Free” is limited to dance classes only and not available for acrobatics or other non-dance classes.
  • Scholarships are awarded strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.  There will be a waiting list for classes with both scholarships already claimed.
  • Participants must pay a registration fee of $50 . Registration fee discounts or promotions are not valid for “Boys Dance Free” scholarships.
  • Recital participation is mandatory, which means that scholarship recipients are responsible for paying all recital and costume fees.
  • “Boys Dance Free” scholarship will be forfeited if a student has more than two unexcused absences in in a school year. Excused absences include illness and show rehearsals (within reason). Whether or not an absence is excused is at the discretion of Twirl’s director. Sports related absences are not excused.  In the case of forfeiture, students can continue with classes by paying tuition or may withdraw from the class.  If the student chooses to withdraw, all registration and recital-related payments are nonrefundable.
  • “Boys Dance Free” scholarship will be forfeited in the case of misconduct or disrespectful behavior of any kind.
  • If the “Boys Dance Free” scholarship is forfeited for any reason all registration and recital-related payments are nonrefundable.
  • If a scholarship is forfeited, it will become available to the next male student on the waiting list including a fully registered and paying student in that particular class.
  • Due to limited class sizes, paying students will have priority over unclaimed scholarships when enrolling in classes that are full or almost full to capacity. In this instance, unclaimed scholarship spots will go away to make room for paying students.
  • Not valid for adult dance classes.