Adult Dance Classes - Twirl
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Adult Dance Classes

Twirl’s adult dance classes will be held intermittently over the summer. If you are interested in adult dance classes for the summer please email to find out when these classes will happen.

Rates (cash, checks, and credit cards accepted)

  • Drop-in rate: $15 per class



Adults can dance in whatever they feel comfortable wearing as long as it allows for free movement. Appropriate footwear should be worn for the genre of dance (i.e. ballet, tap, or jazz shoes).


Classes Offered

  • Monday 7:30-8:30pm BALLET– Improve strength, flexibility, posture, and grace with a ballet barre followed by dancing in the center. Engaging in this beautiful art form is sure to lift your spirits.
  • NEW! Thursday 11:00am-12:00pm JAZZ– Beginner adult students will enjoy stretching, light conditioning, and dancing in this late morning class. Designed to be easy on the body, this class is perfect for those who are new to dance, dancers with injuries, or others who are are looking for a less strenuous way to experience the art of dance.
  • Thursday 7:30-8:30pm JAZZ– Intermediate level adults learn jazz choreography from different eras and genres. We have cool and fun music with cool and fun choreography. It’s a win-win dance class.