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Class Descriptions

“All for dance. Dance for all.” means  that students of all ages, interests, and skill levels can find joy in the art of dance.  

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At Twirl, class placement is important to the success and happiness of all students. Please read the class descriptions to ensure that students are registered for the proper levels. Teaching artists at Twirl reserve the right to redirect students to a different level if they feel it is beneficial to the student and the class.

Twirl Junior- (Preschool Dance for ages 3-5)* Imaginations soar when girls wear fairy wings and boys don superhero capes as part of this combination class which focuses on tap, acrobatics, and dance basics.  Aside from dance, your preschooler will learn counting, their left from right, and other skills that will help them excel in school and life.

Tumble Bugs- (Preschool Acrobatics for ages 3-5)* Tumble Bugs is an exciting new class where your preschooler will move, stretch, and have fun being upside down on our padded mats. Acrobatics and tumbling basics will be taught along with crazy obstacle courses and dance related activities.  Your little will have a blast running, jumping, rolling, and cartwheeling in this class!

*Students must be at least 3 years of age by September 1 of the school year to enroll in Twirl’s preschool classes.

Ballet/Jazz Combo– (ages 5-7) It’s the best of both worlds! In one hour your child will begin with the classic technique of ballet and end with the fun and funky dance moves of jazz. Each dance form compliments the other as students gain a solid dance base and have tons of fun in the process.

Tap/Jazz Combo– (ages 5-7) What kid wouldn’t love to make noise with his or her feet and then bust a move to cool tunes? Tap, tap, tap to the music and then get moving with some awesome jazz dancing. Your child will have a great time learning both disciplines of dance in one class. Cool, fun, and action packed!

Ballet I– Perfect for students taking dance for fun or dancers who are serious about their craft, this beginner class is beneficial for posture and focus while establishing a strong technical foundation as ballet is the basis for most dance forms.

Ballet I for ages 11+– It’s not too late to study ballet! Designed with middle and high school students in mind, this class is for those who have a hard time finding a more beginner level ballet class for their age group. This is a great opportunity for guy and girl musical theatre actors to learn dance technique to help with dance at auditions and in shows.

Tap I– Beginner tappers start with the basics of tap technique and move on to learn cool moves like time steps, drawbacks, Cincinnati’s, and tap combinations that require weight changes and more intricate footwork.

Tap II– Students with previous solid tap training get their feet moving as they learn advanced tap skills that require pickups and pullbacks.

Adult Tap– A lifelong dream for many adults, learn to tap dance in a fun and stress-free environment. This is a beginner level class. It’s never too late!

Hip Hop- Dancers learn how to find the rhythm and the baseline in a song as they build core strength and learn really cool dance moves. Dancers are also given the tools to develop their own creative style and voice through freestyle dancing. Like all classes at Twirl, music for hip hop classes is free of suggestive or inappropriate lyrics and choreography is cool, hip, and current while maintaining modesty and integrity.

Musical Theatre I– This beginning level class focuses on different styles found on the Broadway stage and other theatrical venues.  This class is great for beginners and singers who wish to improve the dance aspect of their triple threat.

Musical Theatre II– Dancers who dream of performing on Broadway are challenged with contrasting musical theatre styles that require both dance technique and performance quality.

Acrobatics– Bring out the mats and let’s get upside down! It’s not a surprise that these are some of Twirl’s most popular classes. Students work on physical conditioning and agility as they learn handstands, walkovers, cartwheels, and other impressive tumbling tricks in this multi-level class where students are challenged according to their individual skill level. Beginners are welcome.

Down Syndrome Dance– Students with Down syndrome work on improving movement skills, creativity, and memorization as they explore jazz and musical theatre dance styles.

Adult Jazz– Intermediate level adults learn jazz choreography from different eras and genres. We have cool and fun music with cool and fun choreography. It’s a win-win dance class.