Tuition and Fees

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COVID-19 UPDATE: At Twirl, we are ready and capable to adapt to changing circumstances as they unfold. We currently offer both in-person/hybrid and virtual options for every class on our 2020-21 season schedule. Dance classes are operated in accordance to CDC and PA Dept of Health guidelines. No matter what comes our way, Twirl is committed to excellence in all of our offerings as we prioritize the health and wellness of our families. To learn specifics about Twirl’s safety protocols for the 2020-21 season please click the button below. For frequently asked questions about our 2020-21 season policies and protocols please click here.


(cash, checks, and credit cards accepted)

  • Annual registration fee: $30 per student, $50 per family (due at registration). Registration fees are not refundable. 
  • Quarterly tuition: See tuition prices below


  • Recital Costumes: $65-90 per costume (due Nov. 23 or soon after registration if enrolling after Nov. 23)*
  • Recital fee: TBD per student (due with the April 5 payment)
  • Recital tickets: $18 per ticket (Recital is tentatively scheduled for on June 12, 2021)
  • Recital photos: Price TBD
  • Recital DVD: Price TBD

*Additional costume expenses may apply in the form of purchasing tights and/or flesh colored leotards to be worn as undergarments for costume changes. Additional dance shoes may also be required if necessary.

I highly recommend Twirl! I drive 20 minutes one way so that my 5 and 8-year-old girls can dance there. Twirl is like family to me, and I love being a small part of it!



Dance classes at Twirl run continuously from September 10, 2020 through June 9, 2021.  Although, tuition is charged in four quarterly installments, enrollment is open through January and families can register any time during this time period.

Quarterly tuition payments are due on September 10, November 16, January 25, and April 5. Families that enroll in classes before the season begins will pay the registration fee at the time of enrollment. The first tuition payment will be charged on September 10. Families that register after the season has begun will pay prorated tuition for the quarter that they join and continue with quarterly payments through the rest of the season. The number of classes per quarter may be inconsistent depending on which days of the week classes fall on, therefore, quarterly tuition charges reflect annual tuition costs divided by four.

A Note about 2020-21 season tuition and class options– Twirl is offering both in-person and virtual options for all classes for the 2020-21 season. Tuition is the same for either option. Classes size limits are the same as a normal season, but with social distancing protocols in effect, only nine students can dance at the studio in each class. For classes with a student enrollment that exceeds nine students, the class will operate with a hybrid model. That means that every week nine students will be in person at the studio and the remainder will Zoom in from home. This will rotate weekly. As situations change, families can switch from virtual only to in-person classes and vice versa at any time.

2020-21 quarterly payments are due on September 10, November 16, January 25, and April 5. 

  • 1 hour per week $160 per quarter
  • 2 hours per week $300 per quarter
  • 2.5 hours per week $350 per quarter
  • 3 hours per week $400 per quarter
  • 3.5 hours per week $450 per quarter
  • 4 hours per week $490 per quarter
  • 4.5 hours per week $540 per quarter
  • 5 hours per week $570 per quarter
  • 5.5 hours per week $620 per quarter
  • 6 hours per week $650 per quarter
  • 6.5 hours per week $700 per quarter
  • 7 hours per week $725 per quarter
  • 7.5 hours per week $775 per quarter
  • 8 hours per week $800 per quarter
  • 8.5 hours per week $850 per quarter

*Family Discount: There is a tuition discount for families with two or more siblings enrolled in paid classes. The sibling with the higher tuition will be charged full price and additional siblings with the same or lower tuition will receive a 10% discount on the quarterly tuition. Family discounts are not valid for Twirl Summer Camps.

Note: The only 30 minute class currently offered is Pre-Pointe.


  • Automatic bank debit card or credit card payments will be posted on the start of each quarter- September 10, November 16, January 25, and April 5.
  • Quarterly tuition payments are based on the entire season and not based on classes per quarter.
  • There is a five day grace period for each quarterly payment. Payments received after the fifth day up to the tenth day after payment is due will result in a $25 late fee. After the tenth day, there will be a late fee of $25 plus $5 per day until the payment is made. This charge is to cover administrative costs associated with tracking late payments.
  • If online payments are not possible and the payment due date is during a holiday break, checks can be mailed to Twirl at 3544 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA 19073.
  • Post-dated checks not accepted.
  • Payments that result in non-sufficient funds (NSF) will incur a $20 fee.
  • Tuition refunds are issued only if a class is canceled due to low enrollment.


  • A one month notice must be given for class withdrawals.
  • If a student wishes to withdraw from a class, the family must inform Twirl in writing either in person or by email to
  • Tuition is due during this one month period and all automatic bank debits or credit card charges will stop after the one-month period.
  • Registration fees are not refundable.