Looking for fun things to do at home? We’ve got you covered!
Coloring/ Activity Pages

Twirl logo coloring page

5,6,7,8 coloring page

Fourth position coloring page

Teamwork coloring page

Skip coloring page

Spring Showers Coloring Page

Give Miss Emilee a makeover

Give Miss Hannah a makeover

Give Miss Sam a makeover

Give Miss Debra a makeover

Give Miss Kayla a makeover

Give Mr. Sam a hairstyle

Degas coloring page

Choose Joy coloring page

Easter Bunny Math coloring page

First position coloring page

Acrobatics Balance Sheet

What is Different? coloring page

Dancing in the Rain coloring page

1,000 Cartwheel Challenge

Delco Coloring Book

Created by Affinity Real Estate Group!

Musical Theatre Coloring Page

Stage Directions Coloring Page

Copy the Tutu Grid


Twirl Crossword Puzzle

Twirl Crossword Puzzle- Kids 

Twirl Word Search

Twirl Word Search- Kids 

Twirl Ballet Word Search

Disney Crossword Puzzle

Disney Character Word Search

Ballet Sudoku

Dance Word Wheel

Jazz Vocab Crossword

Tap Word Search

Ballet Word Search

Family Resources/ Activities

List of Dance Movies

Includes where to find them on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

Spreading Smiles Project

A great way for Philadelphia-area families to make a positive difference in the community!

NEW! Spreading Smiles Project Challenge!

If 50 pages of Spreading Smiles artwork come from Twirl (write Twirl on the back or say it’s from Twirl in the email) Mr. Sam will shave his head LIVE on Facebook and Instagram while hosting Disney Trivia Night!

COVID-19 Time Capsule

Designed for kids to document this time and process their feelings during the quarantine.

E-Book Resources

If your family likes to read, check out this document to see where you can find free (and a few that charge money) places to access E-books and audio- books!

Page-Turner Challenge

See the books that are featured in Twirl’s upcoming production of Page-Turner: A Literary Dance Adventure. Twirl students who read three books in their grade level will get a pajama pass to wear their PJs or whatever they want to dance class for a day!

At Home Dance and conditioning Videos

Here’s a Twirl acrobatics stretching and conditioning video that you can do at home. Most of the exercises in the video are for advanced students, but can be modified for all skill levels. If an exercise is too difficult, then you can sit that one out or change it to make it doable for you. Have fun!

Dance along with Mr. Sam as he leads you through a dance warmup and a rundown of some of the favorite steps for our dance classes for ages 5-7!

Enjoy this ballet barre by Miss Hannah. She and her assistant Emma will guide you through barre exercises that will give you beginner movement and more advanced options.

Take a respite from the day with Miss Debra’s Contemporary Dance warmup. Calming, flowy, and a great workout. 

Follow along with Miss Emilee as she leads this stretch and conditioning workout for young dancers. It’s an awesome way to keep moving at home so big people can join in too!

More advanced acrobatics students can practice these two skills at home to keep up with that strength, flexibility, and balance that they work so hard to achieve in class.

Headstands are a fun acrobatics skill to work on at home. Check out this video as Mr. Sam sets you up for success as he explains the basics of balancing in a headstand.

Direct from Disney on Broadway’s YouTube Channel- learn Broadway choreography from the cast of Disney’s Aladdin!

Want to learn choreography from Broadway’s Lion King? In this video the resident choreographer and dancers from the show will teach you!

The original choreographer and dancers from the Broadway company of Newsies teach choreography from “Seize the Day.”